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Sep 22, 2020

Play YOU! The Ultimate Avatar!


NEO’s Avatar Creator is Out of this World!

Make way, boring customizations! So long, blocky box avatars! NEO’s second-to-none, ULTIMATE AVATAR CREATOR is a game changer for players wanting to create awesome avatars.

PLAY YOU! Fully customize your character right from the get-go with tons of options and outfits. Whether you want to look like that picture of you on the wall or your favorite movie character, or just steal the show with your head turning uniqueness… we have you covered :D

Amazing Facial Customization

Having a generic-looking face is so old-school in video games, and we’re here to make sure y’all don’t look the same with just different hair and clothes! With our face morphing feature, you can customize the finer details of your avatar’s face, jawline, cheeks, eyes and ears. From your jawline to your skin tone, you’re in control!

NEO lets you customize everything, right down to your facial features! You can even add war paint! (Game on! Evil robots beware!)

Customizations Galore!

Whether you’re gearing up for your next mission, or just out in the CENTRAL REALM partying with friends, there are lots (and we mean LOTS) of options, from full MISSION LOAD OUTS to awesome CASUAL WARE.

Suit up for Adventure and join the front to battle evil robots, or find that special style to kick it with friends in the Central Realm :P

Accessorize for the Moments that Matter

Of course, the best outfits are never complete without accessories. Lest face it, they can really make or break a LOOK! Rock a pair of cool shades for extra swag points or invest your coins on some edgy scarves or masks to look mysterious or simply weird everyone out!

And for the FRONT LINERS, kit your avatar out with battle-ready accessories like knee and shoulder pads, chest shields, and even robotic arms for that extra WOW FACTOR on the battlefield :D All  designed to augment not just your performance in battle, but also your style!

NEO launches early in 2021, Stay tuned for more news!

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