Sep 7, 2020

NEO: The Beginning!


Where It All Began

Picture this: it's 2045 and a busy drone station buzzed and whirred with hundreds of aerial bots. These high-tech workers were putting the finishing touches on a new space travel project, the Hypershot. But just below, in one of the station’s living quarters, planet-destroying danger brewed...

A 13-year-old boy rallied at level 299 to defeat the Robot Mega Boss, Lazertron, in a relic game. Dodge, jump, shoot…double jump. BOOM! He dealt the final blow to the 8-bit villain, finally clocking the game.

Little did he know, his victory spawned a rare integer overload. The retro console’s tiny circuits overheated as the game cartridge fizzled, smoked, and exploded! Lazertron’s consciousness made its escape through the space station’s circuits and beamed down. Uh-oh, Earth was in BIG trouble now.

A New Robot Menace

The evil AI’s code SLAMMED into a robot factory. And there was this personal bot, just minding its own bot business. He did NOT plan to be the physical form of a maniacal AI bent on destroying the universe. That sure wasn’t on his calendar. But alas, Lazertron corrupted him and now had a personal mech army to carry out his sinister plans. The robot conquest began.  

Escape Is in the Horizon

Oh yeah, remember that orbiting drone station? Luckily for humanity, it was filled with bright young adventurers who had awesome engineering and robotics skills. These will prove handy VERY soon.

Every story needs a hero and heroine, right? Two of those are Daria and Jax. Jax was the same kid who defeated Lazertron and brought about this menace (you have some explaining to do, Jax!)

So Daria and Jax watched in shock as their home planet was destroyed. Drones were sent down to attack Lazertron’s forces, but this only made them EXTRA angry. The robot horde assaulted the station’s outer hull, and the damage caused the Gate for interstellar travel to power up unexpectedly. The entire station was sucked into an energy field, hurtling through space and into the unknown. Whew, that’s a lot. We know.

A Whole NEO Beginning

As it turns out, luck favors the brave! The station and its passengers were pulled into an undiscovered system’s orbit. The NEO system.  

Though the station had landed...err...crash landed to be exact, the passengers knew that their journey was just about to begin.  

What Happens Next

Are you ready to be part of this epic space story? Unlimited exploration and creation are about to commence. In 3...2...1...GEAR UP FOR ADVENTURE!

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